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Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council was first implemented in 2020 and provides an opportunity for student voice, and participation in school governance and decision making. Each class votes for their student representative, who attends meetings and provides feedback to their class about issues and decisions from across the school. The SRC also provides a leadership opportunity for year 6 students in three different committees – Finance, Hospitality, and Environment - whereby the students:

  • demonstrate leadership
  • foster co-operation
  • become active citizens
  • show initiative
  • develop a sense of pride and school spirit.

Year 6 students undertake nomination activities for the position of School Leader, and present a campaign speech to the school. Students in years 1-6, as well as staff, are involved in the election of students to these leadership positions. Student representatives in other year levels are voted for by their class.

The SRC meets twice a term, in weeks 3 and 7. Year 6 committees work together in weeks 1, 5, and 9 of each term, to implement the decisions made by the SRC. These can include fundraising activities and sustainability projects across the school.

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