School Board

The Charnwood-Dunlop School Board

School boards have been established to allow the participation of teachers and parents, in co-operation with the Education and training Directorate, to develop an educational environment within individual schools.

The School Board is composed of:

  • three members elected to represent parents and citizens
  • the principal and two elected teacher representatives; and
  • one member appointed by the Education and Training Directorate

The functions of the School Board are to:

  • determine the educational policies to be implemented at the school
  • assess, from time to time, the needs of the school in relation to the provision of buildings and facilities, equipment, funds and staff, and make recommendations to the Directorate with respect to the meeting of those needs
  • to determine the purposes for which funds made available for the school are to be expended
  • make recommendations to the Directorate in respect of the use of the buildings, facilities and equipment of the school for purposes other than school purposes
  • develop relationships between the school and community organisations
  • make recommendations to the Directorate on matters relating to the school
  • such other functions as the Directorate confers upon the School Board

The School Board meets a minimum of four times per year.

An Annual School Board Report, outlining the school's progress and achievements, is produced each year for the Directorate and is made available to parents.

More information on the role of the School Boards in ACT schools can be found on the Directorate of Education and Training web site under School Boards.