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31st Jan 2022
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Charnwood-Dunlop School

Dear Charnwood-Dunlop Community,

I'd like to start by thanking everyone for your efforts and support throughout this whole event. As a community it feels that our collective response to reduce the impact of this pandemic has had the desired affects. We now see an easing in the restrictions with the hope that more can return to a manageable normal again. I ask for one last effort and commitment as we stagger our return to school. As your days as home educators come to an end we would like to celebrate the effort you have made, as you have celebrated ours.


  • There will be a number of additional measures in place to support good hygiene practices. Teachers will follow routines for students washing hands at appropriate times and additional hand sanitising stations will be set up at entry/exit points.
  • Current health advice indicates that there is minimal risk of student to student transmission, therefore class sizes will remain the same and social distancing of students is less of a concern. However all efforts will be made to reduce larger gatherings, assemblies will be postponed for a period of time, as will any carnival or excursion. We will continue to adapt as the health advice adjusts.
  • Additional cleaning measures will be in place, with playground equipment being disinfected 3 times a day as well as additional cleaning staff present during the day to reduce high frequency area contamination.
  • To reduce the possibility of spread anyone who is unwell or displaying symptoms will be asked to return home, this is staff and students. We ask that you be especially vigilant with this and proactive in keeping sick children home.
  • Health advice indicates that the greatest risk is with adults. Therefore we are putting measures in place to reduce adults at the school site. It is vital the parents and carers do not enter the school building, I will outline procedures below to support this.
  • The Playground will be closed before and after school.

School Access

  • The front office will be access for administration purposes only. Parents and carers will be able to access this one at a time to seek information and support as needed. There will be no thoroughfare to the main school. We will delineate waiting spaces and lines will extend out the front door of the school. Student access to the premises will therefore be by other access points. Additional staff will be placed at the front of the school to support this.
  • Return of loaned Chromebooks will be staggered. We are asking all Kindergarten students to return Chromebooks during week 4. Year 1/2 to return Chromebooks during week 5. Please ensure that you return charging cables and any box packaging that you may have received

Pick Up and Drop Offs

  • Where possible we are asking carers to avoid the front of the school as a drop off/pick up point. Buses that must use this point, and students will be supported by staff to then walk to the basketball court at the beginning of the day. Side streets and the lower carpark will support quick drop off areas.
  • In order to reduce adults on site we are asking that you develop a drop off and pick up plan with your child. Individual teams will be in touch with ideas to support you for this however I am suggesting the following.
    • Preschool - Where possible parents to drop students at the gate where staff members will support them in and onto an activity. As we know there can be separation issues for children, if this is the case you will be able to come in and stay on the grass behind the play area while you child settles, an exit can then be made as soon as possible.
    • LSU - Students will work with Ms Dawn to arrange spots outside the immediate gate between preschool and the LSU
    • IEC - Student will use the same exit as the LSU and arrange spots on this east side, students on the bus will be supported in heading to the front car park for collection.
    • Kindergarten - The kindy team will provide additional guidance. However the two access points near the front car park and scar tree should be utilised, with meeting spots prearranged.
    • Year 1/2 - Pick up points at the back of the school, oval and Cartwright street are suitable.
    • Year 3/4 - Pick up points out the side gate near the bike rack leading to Cartwright street are suitable
    • Year 5/6 - Are to utilise the oval and rear exits or independent travel home

Learning Delivery

  • During our initial phase, emphasis will be placed on wellbeing and social development. Students will need time to adjust back to school routines and time to share and discuss the events. This will be supported by staff. The learning will continue to be provided to all students, those choosing to stay home will have access to similar online learning while those at school go through this in a face to face context. Once cohorts return, online content will not be at the current level as staff are unable to do both elements. However additional meeting times at school will be utilised by teams to support access for home learners to ensure connection and continuation of appropriate learning for these students. Teams will be in touch to discuss this further with individual cohorts.

Returning IT Devices

  • As your child/ children return to school please bring the school Chromebook together with charging cords and box (if applicable) back into class with them, so students can return to using these at school, and we can also reconcile all of our school and Education Department devices. Kindergarten Chromebooks will be returned to the front office next week as they return to school as they won't be needed in class at this time.

This transition phase is going to have many adjustments as we progress. Please remain flexible and considerate of others as we navigate this tricky time together. All questions should be directed via email or phone in the first instance, to avoid unnecessary numbers at school. If a face to face meeting is necessary this will be arranged with the appropriate people at a designated time.

Thanks again and looking forward to all our students returning!

Deb Lowrey

Acting Principal

Charnwood-Dunlop School

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