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Because we believe every child is unique, strong in culture and experience and eager to learn; every day in our preschool you will see children

  • teaching others
  • observing and being curious
  • sharing knowledge and learning together
  • taking risks
  • questioning

Because we believe families know their children best, every day in our preschool you will see families of all cultures and backgrounds

  • sharing knowledge, moments of pride and stories of home learning
  • collaborating with educators
  • forming secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships, connecting with each other and the Charnwood community
  • staying and playing.

Because we believe our role as an educator is as a co-learner, every day in our preschool you will see educators

  • teaching with intention
  • responding to children’s ideas, strengths, abilities and culture
  • promoting learning through play in rich and varied environments
  • documenting children’s learning to extend their thinking, research and understanding about the world.

Because we believe learning is dynamic, active and holistic, every day in our preschool you will see children

  • discovering, wondering and researching
  • consolidating and extending their thinking and ideas about the world
  • collaborating with educators, their family and each other.

Cherish your children, for they are the footprints you will leave behind.

Taylor Evans Fulks

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Page last updated on 15 November 2018

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