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School Parliament

School Parliament provides an opportunity for student voice, participation in school governance and decision making. It is a leadership initiative for year 6 students whereby they:

  • demonstrate leadership
  • foster co-operation
  • become active citizens
  • promote democracy
  • show initiative
  • develop a sense of pride and school spirit.

Year 6 students undertake nomination and campaign activities for their preferred positions. Students in years 2-6, as well as staff, are involved in the election of student representatives, facilitated by the Australian Electoral Commission. Representatives are appointed to a range of portfolios. These include:

  • Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister
  • House (sport) Representatives
  • Education, Environment, Fundraising, Finance, Community, Arts, Technology

They are supported by administrative positions such as:

  • Speaker
  • Sergeant at Arms
  • Hansard Reporters
  • Clerk

The year 6 students elect from the House of Representatives. Issues are raised at a classroom level and conveyed through representatives to the parliament. Students hold caucus meetings where they propose and write bills. During parliament sittings the students debate and vote on bills presented. Once passed, the bills go to the senate (staff) for amendment or approval. A bill becomes school law once the Governor General (Principal) gives approval. The school parliament supports the curriculum through teaching students about the process of government and representative democracy.

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